Biolactonix review, what is, comments, price, where to buy, original, forum, effect

Biolactonix original, how to use, Philippines, what is, official website, comments

Biolactonix official website, original, side effects, how to use, forum, opinion

Biolactonix price, review, opinion, where to buy, Philippines, side effects

A variety of negative factors act on the stomach and intestines. Everyone knows that frequent stress, irregular diet and bad habits lead to gastritis and ulcers, but before real problems arise, few people think about it. Before it gets too far, start taking Biolactonix. If you are wondering what is Biolactonix, where to buy and read reviews, opinions and comments, visit the official website of the original manufacturer in the Philippines or the forum.

Benefits of Biolactonix

Biolactonix quickly eliminates the symptoms of chronic gastritis, such as hyperemia, bleeding, erosion of the gastric mucosa, has the effect of inhibiting and absorbing gastric protease. Has a beneficial corrective effect on gastrointestinal defecation, acting as a mild, laxative or fixing in the corresponding disorders. supports the activity of natural intestinal microflora.

  • has a positive effect on high acidity, ulcers of the intestinal tract
  • restores the work of the digestive system
  • refers to biological stimulants
  • when consumed, it increases stamina and improves body tone, as well as slows down aging
  • recommended by experts
  • has all the necessary quality certificates
  • passed all laboratory tests
  • affordable price

Biolactonix has antiseptic properties, relieves inflammatory reactions, relieves pain, improves capillary blood circulation and stimulates nuclein and protein synthesis.

How to use Biolactonix?


  • In case of gastritis (superficial, erosive, atrophic), in pregnancy and in the presence of diabetes mellitus, an appointment under the supervision of a doctor is recommended.
  • For patients with chronic gastritis, if there is no improvement in the condition within 10 days of taking it, contact your doctor.
  • While taking tea, it is not recommended to eat spicy foods, as well as foods that increase the acidity of the stomach.
  • Before taking the drug at the same time as additional drugs, you need to consult a doctor.

The product has no side effects due to its natural composition.

3980 ₱

1990 ₱