How to lose weight (6.7 stone in my case) and have a full life once more. What is Keto Guru for weight loss, how to use without side effects

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Greetings, this your blogger – now and 5 months ago. What a pretty difference 😊

Now I’m just 9 stone – and I’ll tell you how…

After marriage we’d just sit crash in front of the TV like couch potatoes – munching away at take-away, crisps and snacks….a pretty familiar situation to lots of you I’m sure. But I had a partner – so why try harder? I hit 12.5 stone – but no worries, my husband loved me anyway…

BUT the weight piled on…up to 15 stone…

I was turning into a pig – with multiple chins and a beer belly too. I had to regularly buy bigger and bigger clothes, walking was exhausting and brought me out in a sweat. I took escalators and lifts whenever possible.

The fertility clinic said I had to lose weight and follow a strict diet. My husband supported me, we had no ‘forbidden’ food in the house. I lost 2.5 stone, everyone said I was amazing…but I got lazy and went back to how it was before. MMM FOOD, NOW I CAN EAT. I put on weight and got even fatter than before.

Keto Guru for weight loss

By 30 years of age, I had serious health problems, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart and pancreas problems, type 2 diabetes and even psoriasis. All because of my fat arse. I didn’t only look bad, I felt it too. I was totally apathetic and depressed.

My relationship wasn’t going well either. I hadn’t had sex with my husband for months, he was supportive at first, but then we almost stopped talking. This is when I realised THIS HAS TO STOP!

I didn’t even consider diets or the gym – I lacked the time and willpower. I had to act quickly to save my marriage. I searched on the Internet and even consulted a dietitian. I described my situation and told her I needed a quick and permanent result. She suggested Keto Guru.

I wish I had known about it before. Keto Guru are effervescent tablets that support the body during ketosis (carbohydrate starvation of cells). Its active ingredients reduce fatigue, eliminate apathy, prevent ‘keto-flu’ and compensate for lack of nutrients . With Keto Guru you can eat food with carbohydrates with moderation. The active formula accelerates fat burning by 2-3 times – great news for your body.

I was amazed to find that I had lost nearly an inch around the waist every week.

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In one month, I lost 2 stone. Just by taking Keto Guru and ate normally: meat, pasta, fish, even cakes. But with smaller portions. I was hopeful and enthusiastic, and ordered some more.

Check out my photo…

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In just 5 months taking Keto Guru I lost 6.7 stone. I look at my old photographs and I never want to go back. I am now a healthy woman and I feel wonderful. And after losing weight I enjoyed an active lifestyle and weekends outside.

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P.S. I’m delighted with the result – and you will be too! Many comments are about losing weight too – so hopefully this inspired you. If you are having trouble losing weight, you can order Keto Guru here. I ‘m sure this will give you a new life too.

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I’d like to lose weight quickly after giving birth….hopefully this is the solution I’ve been looking for…


I heard about Keto Guru from a colleague. I saw the results with my own eyes, it’s amazing.


I used to be 17.5 stone. My only source of entertainment was having a meal. I was fat and ugly. Finding nice clothes was a problem too. Men didn’t find me attractive. I read your blog, bought Keto Guru and started taking it regularly. I now weigh 11 stone. I’m proud to share these photos. I couldn’t believe I could change so much at my age (32).

Keto Guru price


Does it really help? Never heard of it….


You finally shared it! See you at weekend babe for coffee and croissants xx


Well done for sorting yourself out! Doesn’t matter how you did it.


I read your blog, went on the website and ordered the tablets I’m 2.3 stone overweight…can I lose it in a month?


I’ll share my story too. I became depressed after we split up. I used to eat anything to feel better – see picture below. I came to my senses and tried the usual diets, work-outs, daily exercise… Then I found these tablets . I thought it was nonsense. But every day the result was better and better. I lost 4 stone and I want to lose more! Perfection has no limits:

Keto Guru philippines


Amazing result! You don’t need to lose any more weight, you already look super-great!


I’ve been taking the tablets for 6 days now, nothing has changed. Is it because I eat before bedtime???


I should try this. I hope delivery is quick. I mean I’m so fat it’s ridiculous – over 13 stone. I tried all the diets, no use.


I can relate to your story, I’ve become an outcast in my own family. My husband started to bully me for being overweight. I thought I would give up and leave. Then I decided to take control and lose weight! Not for him, for me! 4.7 stone gone in only 4 months!

Keto Guru forum


I can’t diet either! It’s so hard for me! I would try this though, especially when it’s natural and recommended by dietitians!


No, I don’t believe people who say they can’t lose weight. They just can’t be bothered. Lardy arses.


I diet once a week. Helps me stay 9 stone at the age of 43. Maybe someone will find it helpful. All these chemicals, tablets, etc. are nonsense, I’ve never heard of them helping anyone.


Where can I order? I really want to lose weight. I haven’t been looking after myself lately…I try not to eat in the evening, but then have midnight feasts. My friend told me she saw my husband on a dating site. I can’t let him leave the family, I need to change for the better. Will try to lose weight and take care of myself.


Don’t trust that friend! Her type will steal your husband when things in the family get difficult.