Psorilax is effective because it has a “lethal” effect and eliminates the cause of psoriasis

  • A 100% natural remedy! The remedy consists of entirely natural components.
  • It restores the healthy look to the skin of the face with the help of oat oil.
  • The Cordyceps suppresses autoimmune reactions which are the cause of the disease.
  • The Caprylic and Capric Triglycerides neutralize the effects of toxins which cause skin irritation.
  • The natural forces of the body are mobilized, unlike with other medicines.

Psoriasis makes a person’s life Hell. Psorilax cream review, side effects

Unbearable pain

Bleeding, causing pain, unbearably itchy patches and plaques on the whole body

Public discussion

The glances, the whispering behind your back, the badly disguised squeamishness by others.

Isolation and loneliness

The inability to find a good job, to be loved, to get married, or to have a family.

It is terrible – to feel rejected. And there are 230 million unhappy

people like this on Earth!

Why does information on this medicine remain silent? Psorilax Philippines ingredients

psorilax priceSpecialist G.P. Smith: “Psorilax destroyed the myth of the incurability of psoriasis”

Psorilax is the first completely natural remedy for psoriasis, derived from a method by American Specialist John Pagano. He treats patients with psoriasis only in a natural way and he achieves incredible results.

Psorilax normalizes the metabolism and restores the acid-base balance. It activates systemic immunity and quickly cleanses the skin. Typically, only 2-3 weeks of treatment result in a complete cure.

I recommend to those who have not been helped by other remedies for psoriasis, to pay attention to Psorilax.

Specialist G.P.

Specialist-naturalist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Honorary Member of the International Academy of Natural Therapy and Natural Healing Methods, 17 years of experience.

Psorilax – a natural and safe way to get rid of psoriasis. Psorilax reviews. Where to buy Psorilax

The Psorilax remedy against psoriasis was developed on the basis of the approach of the world-famous American Specialist John Pagano (J. Pagano) , author of the bestseller “Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative,” who has saved thousands of people from this disease, using only natural methods and natural resources .

psorilax reviews“What you see on the skin is a proof of what is happening inside the body. External manifestations can be treated, but the disease will return again and again. Can the victim of psoriasis be free of pain, ugliness and enormous costs? Yes! There is an answer to the mystery of psoriasis, which leads to effective treatment of the disease in a natural way. ”

American Specialist John Pagano (J. Pagano), author of the “Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative” method, USA.

Clinical trials: Psorilax is more effective than other psoriasis remedies. Psorilax cream side effects

psorilax cream

The Psorilax study was conducted at the Institute of Skin Diseases at Southend Hospital 2018 with 750 volunteers. The statistically significant error was no more than 2.3%.

5 reasons why Psorilax is better than other remedies. Psorilax price Philippines

Most remedies eliminate only the symptoms of psoriasis, and therefore it comes back again and again. Psorilax fights with the causes for the development of the disease. This is the main advantage to being cured from psoriasis in a natural way .psorilax price philippines

A 100% natural composition!

It has no contraindications, nor side effects common of the synthetic medications. It can be combined with other medicines. No prescription is required.

Double power

The complex stimulates the regeneration of tissues, therefore it can also be used in the case of mechanical skin injuries .

A natural way

Stimulates the recovery of the natural functions of the body. Thanks to this, the real cure from psoriasis is possible.

Complete action

Detoxification, suppression of autoimmune reactions, and recovery of the skin. The components of the remedy act on all problems.

Non addictive

It is to be taken as a complete regimen. There are no addictive qualities. It has a permanent, lasting effect after completion of the treatment.

The scientific formula of Psorilax connects the power of the effective components. Psorilax ingredients. Where to buy Psorilax

Oatmeal oil

This is the best patented formula based on oatmeal.

Caprylic/capric triglyceride

This is a natural oil obtained from coconut, well-known for its beneficial effect on the skin. It soothes and moisturises without a greasy sensation.

Almond oil

Reduces inflammation, controls sebaceous glands and soothes and softens the skin.


Although urea is synthesized, the formula fully corresponds to the natural one. Urea helps hydration and is widely used in cosmetics because it easily penetrates the skin cells.


A natural product derived from chamomile. It has a faint, sweet floral aroma. It has a soothing effect on the skin, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action. It also accelerates the skin healing process.

Glyceryl stearate, isopropyl palmitate, carbomer, lactic acid, capricillin glycol, ethylhexyl stearate

All of these ingredients prevent skin eczema, regenerate and normalize cell metabolic processes, and delay the division of epidermal cells.

How does Psorilax defeat psoriasis? Psorilax cream side effects

  1. It neutralizes and removes the intestinal toxins from the body

The result: Stops the pain, itching and scabies.

  1. Removes the factors causing the automimmune reactions

Result: The inflammatory outbreaks disappear.

  1. Stimulates the process of recovery of the skin.

Result: The healthy look of the skin is restored.

The pain will remain in your past – you are returning to a normal life!

We have invested more than $20,000,000 in the development of Psorilax. Psorilax Philippines price

4 years

The formula has been created after 4 years of research with the participation of independent pharmaceutical laboratories from England, Canada and Germany. More than 120 experimental forms were tested.

80 %

80% of the ingredients for Psorilax are imported because they do not grow in England. All components undergo double control of raw material purification, ecological purity, and concentration of active substances.

100 %

A modern line for the production of Psorilax and one of the newest foreign production models that meets 100% of EU standards in quality management were purchased.

The comments of people who tried and got rid of psoriasis with the help of Psorilax. Psorilax cream review

psorilax reviews“I was diagnosed with psoriasis 7 years ago. I didn’t know how difficult it would be to cure this disease. First, I used a hormonal cream. There was improvement, but then came the habituation ((( A friend of mine recommended Psorilax… And the improvement came immediately… It was hard to believe that I finally found this product, which saved me from psoriasis. I’m going to have another regimen, but only for preventive measures. ”

Emily F., 47, Manila

psorilax cream review“Just like everyone else here, I tried hormonal and other remedies, but alas there was no big result. There were remissions and worsening, long and painful. Now I tried “Psorilax” and I’m finally in remission. I hope this time it is forever) “.

Aliya K., 26, Ormoc

psorilax cream“What is bad about treating psoriasis is that hormones tend to accumulate in the body, and men become impotent because of them. Besides, a dependence and withdrawal syndrome develop. I went through this, I tried different things, so I’m telling you: don’t  experiment with your health. All competent people use Psorilax, and gave up the hormone treatments. ”

Joseph P., 56, Pasay

psorilax cream review“I was diagnosed with psoriasis… almost 10 years ago. And this is like in my youth, my best years… Thank you for this medicine, it has really helped me to get better and it is a very effective way to fight this disease! Now, without fear, I’m waiting for the autumn, I hope Psorilax will help me. ”

Nicole, 32, Tacloban

psorilax cream review“Two months ago, after severe stress at work, my psoriasis started worsening and I was scratching all the time. My skin began to flake peel. My wife’s sister recommended me to buy Psorilax because she heard very good things about it. I bought it to try it, it’s great that it’s not expensive and after a while I really stopped scratching and the redness of the skin reduced significantly little by little. I decided I would use only it to treat my psoriasis. ”

Leopoldo E., 28, Antipolo

If you procrastinate, your chances for salvation from psoriasis decrease every day…

If you do not start treatment right away, then joint destruction, paralysis and disability can become a reality in the very near future. Stop saving, if you value your health, try Psorilax – it’s simple and affordable!

Where to buy Psorilax? Psorilax price Philippines

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